Karthigai Deepam - Festival of Lights

Celebrate Karthigai Deepam in Grand Valor

Karthigai Deepam is an important festival of Tamils. Actually it is Tamils' Diwali. The occasion occurs during the full moon day when the moon comes in line with the Krithikai star. The women of the Tamil homes start lighting beautiful lamps from Diwali and keep the practice till the end of Karthigai festival. The number of lights is increasing day by day and on this auspicious occasion the house looks like a grand palace. The lamps are placed in almost all rooms like bedrooms, Puja room, balcony, sitting area and guest room. The women are very particular about cleaning the homes thoroughly. They wash their floors in proper way and see that the walls do not look ugly.


They draw Rangoli near the door to mark the festival as well as to make the home inviting to the guests visiting the home. The Rangoli also is surrounded by plenty of lamps of different shapes and sizes. Children go out with their friends to temples and burst crackers. People from all walks of life wear new clothes during this occasion and visit the homes of friends and families with loving gifts.


Lord Muruga is worshipped on this day. This God is believed to possess 6 heads as it took the form of 6 babies. Their mother Parvathi joined the faces and made him look like Muruga. Tamils wait eagerly for this event to come every year. They shop for new clothes, shoes and accessories during this time. Local holidays in offices make the them enjoy the festival to the fullest. The celebration extends to three days.


What does a Deepam Signify?

Clay lamps are the symbol of this festival of light which is considered to be auspicious and is believed to ward off evil and bad effects from the house and  offer happiness and prosperity.


The lights usually represent the incorporation of happiness and prosperity in the families. The lamps will help the evil to stay away from the homes. Some people start the celebration during Navaratri or Deepavali. It is considered as extended Deepavali in South India.


Celebration at Thiruvannamalai

The huge light is lit on the Thiruvannamalai hill to commemorate the occasion when Lord Shiva showed his extreme power to the two Gods called Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. People shout in the name of Lord Shiva and rejoice the lighting ceremony. Fairs are held on the hill to attract the families spend wonderful time there.


The lighting occurring on the hills is a great show. The vehicle carries five lamps to the spot and the huge light is lit and the jubilant crowds shout "Anamallaikku Arogara". The people celebrate the festival for 10 days. The lighting of the huge light takes place on the last day.


Uttradam day is the first day of the festival when the flag is hoisted to make the public note down the beginning of the festival. Five diyas are lit early in the morning every day during the festival. The lights on the hills look fabulous and give the feel of Lord Shiva coming on this earth.


The light is lit on a huge metallic vessel in style. About 2000 liters of ghee are used in the vessel to make the light shine greatly.


The diameter of the huge vessel is 5 feet and the height of the vessel is 5 and a half feet. 2 kilos of camphor are used to make the light grow properly. The wick of the vessel is made out of Ghada cloth. The dimension of the wick is 30 meters. The light on the hill is made great to make the surrounding visitors enjoy the show. The grand show can be seen from a distance of 35 kilometers all-round the famous spot.


The scene of the streets lit up and the homes being well decorated makes the people going out to feel relaxed. They enjoy every part of the festival and try to make their homes look attractive to more and more people roaming about in the nearby places.

Worshipping Lord Shiva on Karthigai Deepam at Thiruvannamalai will obliterate egoism, selfishness and delusion.


Vanquish your vanity and Embrace prosperity.