Karthigai Deepam - Festival of Lights

Significance of Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam happens to be an important and auspicious occasion in Tamil calendar. Most Tamils respect this occasion when Lord Muruga was born. The household matters are taken care of and lamps are lit almost every part of the house to bring peace and prosperity. The woman worship to bring happiness in the lives of their children and ward off all the troubles in life.


Spiritual Significance of Karthigai Deepam

The functioning of lamp implies a great spiritual notion. The wick in the lamp symbolizes our ego and the oil that is used to light the lamp denotes our innate nature that is responsible for the ego to thrive. The flame, the spiritual knowledge has the capacity to blaze our ego, the wick by emptying our innate tendencies. This is the significance of Karthigai Deepam.


Lights symbolize the victory of the good over the evil. People try to make their homes protected from evil eyes and evil forces. They want to bring in peace and prosperity in the families for life. They pray honestly to God to give them good feelings for other human beings. Lamps CAN give the power to shed of fear and bring in victory in the lives of people.


Legends associated with Karthigai Deepam

Lord Shiva was very depressed after Parvati's death and secluded him in deep meditation. During this time, six babies including Lord Muruga, Kartik and Subrahmaniya were born as children of Lord Shiva. Parvati became Sati so Krittika stars looked after the six babies. Later on the force of Sati joined the six babies into one being or great force. The krittika star cluster becomes seven when the Muruga God joins them.


Muruga later on acted as a teaching guide to Shiva, according to another famous legend. He taught Shiva the actual meaning of the word "Om" which is very important in Hindu culture. The lamps also represent that Lord Shiva understood the actual meaning of the ultimate word "Om". He was enlightened by knowing the value of the word. Tamils want to live in peace and enjoy the best of life. They want to stay away from all sorts of worries and quarrels. Lamps are lighted everywhere to give them the power to say no to all bad temptations in life.


Parvati fought with Mahisasura as he was disturbing her and the other Gods in heaven. Her victory was also celebrated by lighting lamps. This festival represents the victory of the good over the evil forces. People always want to stay away from bad things and the lights lamps to bring in wealth and well being in the family.


Nowadays, The people use a range of lamps of various shapes, sizes and colors . The lamps are easily available in the market. The women prepare the oil and the wick to make the lamps glow for a long time. The main idea is to enjoy to the fullest and forget all the sufferings of life. Women take the lamps in their alms and move around the house to spread the feeling of joy. Hanging lamps and imported varieties are also available in this age of globalization.


Life is short and must be spent in a happy way. People worship to Lord Shiva to give them power to fulfill all the activities in life in an honest manner. The lamp actually represents linga of Shiva that reminds people over and over again about the fact of staying on the right path. People keep lamps in the places of the home where the pictures of God are kept. Temples of South India look amazing with wonderfully lit lamps almost everywhere.


Science and technology have progressed a lot but the Hindu rituals and belief will keep mankind involved in every way. Even the best scientists and doctors know the significance of such great festivals. They come back home during this time to be with the family and share their joys and sorrows. People shed of all the misunderstandings and quarrels and unite during this wonderful festival of lights. This festival represents giving and sharing among humans. Wearing new clothes, shoes and praying in front of God gives people the power to start life in a new way during the coming year.


One must not think of failures but look forward to get new things in the life by praying to God. The lamps will act as guiding lights in their lives.