Karthigai Deepam - Festival of Lights

Mouth Watering Karthigai Deepam Recipes

No festival is complete without sweets and it is true with Karthigai Deepam festival too. People make merry and eat mouth-watering food with friends and family during festivals. Sweets form a major part of every Indian festival. Snacks and other foods are also prepared during festivals to welcome guests. Good food accompanied with good company makes people feel warm and comfortable.


  1. Rice Kheer or Pal Payasam: Kheer is prepared from milk and rice. The woman of the family prepares such a dish during the mornings of the day after getting fresh. The milk is evaporated to make it thick along with nice smelling rice. Touch of aristocracy and taste is increased by adding nuts, dry fruits and sugar. One can also add condensed milk to make the kheer look and taste great. Cooking it is very easy as anyone can cook it in pressure cooker as well. Adding saffron, ghee and cardamom powder bestows a lip-smacking taste. Find more Kheer recipes here.
  2. Murukku or Chakli: This is a wonderful savory snack served in every home when children and guests come. This is made with rice and gram flour mixed in a bowl with asafoetida and salt. Murukku making is an art and Kaimurukku is a specialty of Tamils One should have practiced well  to make fabulous kaimurukku. However, the Murukku maker steel frame comes in handy to make  such amazing shapes. The shapes are then fried in deep oil. These taste really good and make the festival time feel great. Find a collection of Murukku recipes here
  3. Appam: Life is incomplete without this great sweet during festival time. Women of the house make efforts to make this amazing sweet. The jaggery is used in crushed form with water along with rice flour and cardamom powder. Maida is also poured in the mixture to make the pancakes tough and thick. The pancake bowls are used to make this recipe. This sweet can make a person's day. Try out this wonderful sweet. Life will feel great with a pancake of this type. Some people like to add banana to the paste for better taste. Then the pancakes are fried in oil. No one can keep their hands out of this sweet as it is extremely delicious. One must not care about dieting and obesity during festival time. It is the time to enjoy life to the maximum limit. Indulge in this food and enjoy the festival time with merry making.
  4. Peanut Laddoo: Peanut Laddoo is also a tasty variant used during Karthgai Deepam festival. The peanuts are soaked in jaggery and cardamom powder is added. Some people like to add coconut to the recipe to make it tastier. The women love to prepare these dishes to see smiles on the faces of their children. Children love the festivals as their mothers take time out of the normal schedule to prepare these favorites only during festival time. No one has time round the year to make such amazing sweet items. Life has become busier. But people do not compromise during the festivals by not making homemade delicacies.
  5. Puffed Rice Laddoo: Puffed rice laddoos (or Poha Laddus) are made from a special type of rice found in the Indian stores. Make sure to choose high quality puffed rice to make the laddoos look and taste good. One must make sure the jaggery does not crumble. The puffed rice must stick to each other in good fashion. Women spend the whole day and night to prepare such wonderful snack items to keep their children feel refreshed. They stock such laddoos in bowls and store them for seasons to come.
  6. Some more recipes that are prepared during Karthigai Deepam includes - Pori Urandai, Adhirasam, Ulundu Vadai

Indians love to maintain their culture and traditions. They do not want to miss on any tradition of Indian origin. Loads of beliefs are in the making of different food articles in Indian culture. People gather from all parts of the world to make merry during Karthigai Deepam. The houses look grand with lamps and mouth-watering food.


Enjoy every bit of the festival that starts from Navratri and ends in 10 days. Forget about strict food discipline and eat everything associated with Indian tradition and culture. Eat and share food during festival time.